Product development cycles are becoming shorter, processes more agile, and norms and standards are changing constantly. Having the right qualifications and continuing your metrology training is a must. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, ZEISS offers courses in line with your level of expertise. Take advantage of a complete training course package customized for your particular needs.

How you benefit
  • Save 7% as compared to individual bookings
  • Take part in live online trainings designed to meet your requirements
  • Best way to integrate what you learn into your daily work
  • Course content is always up to date

Basic Training*

Learn, practice and apply your new know-how immediately

For up-and-coming metrology engineers who want to get down to work as quickly as possible

Your benefit

Learn about the metrology basics, measuring software and working with a coordinate measuring machine. After completing the trainings, you are not only well-equipped for the most important measuring jobs, but can also start measuring your components immediately.

Training materials provided 

  • ZEISS Measuring Strategies Cookbook in Tactile Coordinated Metrology und ZEISS Sensor Coookbook
  • Poster "Influences on measuring results" and "How big is 1 µm?"
  • App "We produce quality"
Metrology training basic

Advanced Training*

Knowledge is good, more knowledge is better

For experienced metrologists who have been working with measuring technology for several years or who have already completed training courses.

Your benefit

After completing the trainings, you will be familiar with everything there is to know about form and location tolerancing, and will be able to measure more complex components and increase measuring accuracy.

Training materials provided

  • ZEISS Book "Measurement Strategies in Tactile Coordinated Metrology"
  • Poster "Form and position tolerances", "Geometric Product Specifications", "Surface parameters", "Gear metrology"
  • App "GD&T", "Gear metrology", "Computertomography" und "Roughness"
metrology training advanced

Update Training*

For those insiders who want to learn about the latest standards and trends

Intended for experienced metrologists who always want to be in the know.


Standards, technologies and processes change over time. With this package, you learn about the most important developments and are always one step ahead.

Training materials provided

  • ZEISS book "Inspection-oriented Tolerancing – Size, Form and Location"
Metrology training update

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* The training packages are currently only available in Germany. Please fill out the contact form if you wish to receive more information about the training course packages.