Helping our Customers to shape a better future

Interview with Pedro Yanez, Head of Global Marketing at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, about the importance of defining and living by a clear purpose, and what it means for ZEISS as a market leader in industrial quality assurance.

1. What exactly is purpose?

Purpose is the definition of how a company wants to change the world and their customers lives for the better; it is the reason why a company exists. It is our deepest motivation as a company to do what we do. It is why we choose to work in ZEISS instead of in any other company. Purpose is what makes us proud to carry the ZEISS badge and colors.

2. What is the purpose for us at Industrial Quality Solutions?

ZEISS’ brand essence is to see beyond the needs of our customers in every segment we play in, to enable them to realize their ambitions. Our industrial manufacturing customers are working day in and day out to drive progress via technology and create a better future. Therefore, in our Industrial Quality Solutions division, our purpose is helping our customers to excel their objectives by providing them with best-in-class Quality Assurance solutions that maximize their productivity. We consider our customers’ success to be a big part of our own success, to the point that we made it part of our purpose statement in IQS: We enable our customers to manufacture a better future.

3. Why do you think purpose has become so important in the last years and is also getting more and more important in future?

In today’s landscape there is a broad offer of good quality assurance products, more than in the past. Therefore, only the companies that give their customers something meaningful beyond the products, will be the ones leading the industry today and tomorrow. And only the companies with a clearly defined purpose can do that.

4. How relevant is purpose for the B2B sector? Does it differ strongly from B2C?

Having a purpose is critical both in B2B and B2C sectors, but a meaningful purpose is especially important in B2B, because in this sector it is not enough to deliver a quality product. B2B customers are looking for suppliers and business partners who care equally about their own success and their customers’ success. They are looking for suppliers who have a deep passion and commitment to win, because these are the type of partners who will go the extra mile for their customers, and who will continuously shape the industry with the latest innovation. Communicating your purpose both internally and externally is almost as important as having a purpose, because all employees need to breathe the purpose, and customers need to be aware of what comes behind the company’s logo in order to make the right purchasing decision. Therefore we, in ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions are very keen to share our purpose with the world.

5. How do we bring the purpose to life properly without losing the sight of our product portfolio?

Very simple: we continue to provide our customers with best-in-class quality assurance solutions and products, that solve their needs and improve their productivity, while also supporting them with all things related to quality assurance beyond the products and showing them that we get up every day in the morning to enable them to manufacture a better future.

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