Quality control in the automotive industry

Metrology ensures quality assurance in the automotive industry

The requirements of automotive manufacturing are constantly increasing. Products are becoming more complex and complicated, as well as the manufacturing process. Therefore, the establishment of a quality management system is not only a useful step, but a mandatory standard in the automotive industry. In order for a manufacturer to differentiate themselves from the competition, it is necessary to optimize the quality control (QC) and management in the automobile industry. ZEISS is a partner of the VDA and thus guarantees up-to-date specialist knowledge and expertise. In the process of quality assurance in the automotive industry, ZEISS is your supplier for measurement tools across all areas of manufacturing. This ensures compliance with VDA standards across the whole production process.

ZEISS as a partner in the automotive industry:
  • Your service provider for all processes from product development to final inspection
  • Measurement systems of the future
  • Partnership with VDA
  • Reliable partner with years of experience
  • Measurement services from initial sampling to implementation
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification and DIN ISO 17025 accredited


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ZEISS PRISMO for Aerospace

With ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode specifically designed for your industry

Metrology in automotive product development

Measurement data from ZEISS already provides meaningful information in terms of material properties and component behavior during automotive product development. The data results generated by the measurements can already influence prototype development and construction methods. This is achieved primarily through innovative measurement methods and an ideal measuring room.

To be able to assess measurement results, it is important to know how they were produced. Many factors, such as the temperature in the measuring room or the inspection plan, can influence results in coordinate measuring technology. ZEISS offers training courses - such as AUKOM Management Training - to precisely make these factors and processes tangible for your company. This way, you can meet all the requirements of the automotive industry. This is the perfect prerequisite for optimal car quality control as well as compliance with all standards recommended by the VDA.

A car that was ideally designed with the help of ZEISS quality control in the automotive industry.

Quality assurance in production and final inspection in the automotive industry

As a part of quality control in the automotive industry, an engineer is performing a final inspection.

In subsequent production, ZEISS measuring systems completely record the geometry of tools, cast material, plastic and sheet metal parts to ensure consistent product quality. Inspections can be performed using inline, atline and offline quality control methods in the automotive industry. Coordinate measuring machines such as ZEISS MICURA can even be used to precisely measure the smallest auto parts and workpieces.

Metrology systems are also used to ensure quality management in the final inspection of the automotive industry.

Services from ZEISS for quality control in the automotive industry

What differentiates us from other service providers in metrology for automotive industry

Extensive technology portfolio

  • Networked hardware such as measuring machines, software as well as digital quality solutions that increase your productivity
  • Technology and process knowledge is reflected in our services
  • Largest technology and service portfolio on the market

Technologies of the future

  • Partnerships with universities, VDA & business partners ensure up-to-date knowledge and expertise
  • Strong global network with continuous knowledge flow
  • High-end class 1 measuring laboratories according to VDI/VDE 2627

Fast and flexible

  • Get an offer within 24 hours
  • We will find the right solution for your requirements
  • We offer training for your company
  • Measurements of parts of different sizes, materials and compositions


  • 100 years of proven success in the industry
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • DIN ISO 17025 accredited

Accreditation and certification

  • Accreditation of testing laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/ICE 17025
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification quality management standard
  • Tisax® certification information security up to level 3 with prototype protection and third-party connection
  • ISO 5001 certification energy management
  • DAkkS accreditation certificate
  • High-end measuring rooms up to class 1 according to VDI/VDE 2627

Customers that use ZEISS Measuring Technology


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No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

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No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

WITTENSTEIN monitors the measuring room temperature with ZEISS TEMPAR

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Precise Process Control

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Apps that make daily life in metrology easier

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