The Foundation for Innovation? Perfect 3D Models JP3D TecVision

In the town of Straubing in southeast Germany, innovation is more than just a trendy term – it is the bread and butter of an entire company. JP3D TecVision is a subsidiary of JP Industrieanlagen GmbH, which has been producing specially engineered machines, automation solutions and robotics for more than 20 years. JP3D TecVision was founded with the goal of concentrating on innovative manufacturing techniques and developing new business models.

How JP3D TecVision succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • Simplified, extremely flexible quality assurance processes that are also precise and quick
  • Reverse Engineering enables 3D models
  • ZEISS colin3D software allows simple ease of use and a high degree of precision

JP3D TecVision checks 3D-printed parts using the ZEISS COMET

"We decided to invest in the future, and additive manufacturing is without a doubt the technology of tomorrow," says Dr. Roman Lengsdorf, who heads the Additive Manufacturing department at JP3D TecVision. 

Roman Lengsdorf wanted to use an optical measuring system for quality assurance. Lengsdorf was impressed with the ZEISS COMET the very first time he saw it. 

"I just had to see how the solution would work at our site," he says. Setting up the 3D sensor in the measuring lab in Straubing took just an hour thanks to the system's portability. That's all it took for the decision to be made: "We were so impressed that we ordered one as quickly as possible." 

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JP3D TecVision checks 3D-printed parts using the ZEISS COMET