Quality Assurance for Medical Standards

Are the medical industry regulations and the accuracy and traceability of your quality processes hard to deal with? Learn how to efficiently overcome these challenges.

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How to pass your quality gates from raw material to finished medical parts


The requirements for quality assurance of medical products are high and related to many steps in your production chain. Follow the blue line to see how you can efficiently pass the quality gates.


  • Explore: quality gates for implants
  • Solve challenges: from metallographic analysis to in-process control and surface inspection
  • Shape: the correct quality solution for you

Speakers at ZEISS Webinar

Michael Zimmermann

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ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions

Metrology Solutions for Medical Components

Our connected quality intelligence portfolio offers tailored hardware and software solutions that support industry standards and work as a coherent system to give the manufacturers the certainty they need to gain the productivity they desire.