ZEISS Snow Goggles

Outstanding optics combined with dynamic and trendy snow goggles

  • A young women wearing snow goggles with ZEISS Interchangeable technology and hold a snowboard.
  • Full UV protection

    Reflection off the snow significantly increases the effects of ultraviolet radiation when skiing at high altitudes. ZEISS snow goggles have been specially designed for alpine skiing and therefore provide 100 percent protection against solar UVA and UVB rays.

  • Optimal fit and protection

    Snow goggles must not impair a skier's vision. Whether you enjoy racing, freestyle, challenging snowboard runs or simply a family day out on the slopes, ZEISS snow goggles are available in a wide variety of models to fit all heads and faces, including juniors. All of them provide ideal protection against wind, snow and rain – in addition to sun protection.

  • Maximum vision and better contrast

    Thanks to the special coating technologies from ZEISS, snow goggles help skiers read the slopes in all weather. This provides added safety, even at high speeds and in unfamiliar terrain. Various special tints, polarizing filters and mirror coatings ensure that the personal demands of the skier are not neglected.

We’ve got you covered. ZEISS Snow Goggles effectively protect your eyes from the snow, rain and wind as well as the particularly acute UV-A and UV-B radiation in high mountain regions.
A man wears a black helmet with blue mirrored ZEISS ski goggles, has skis and a backpack on his back and holds the ski poles in his right hand. He is standing on a mountain top.

Perfect protection and all-around good vision in any weather.

ZEISS Snow Goggles

Skiing and snowboarding subjects our eyes to extreme conditions. Snow and ice on the slopes reflect sunlight, significantly increasing the amount of UV radiation, while the cold wind and precipitation hamper visibility. ZEISS Snow Goggles are created especially for the challenges posed by alpine sports. Enjoy perfect UV protection, an optimum fit, a large visual field and improved contrast vision in both bright sunlight and diffuse light. These goggles are extremely robust and light – with a large selection of stylish frames and tints to choose from.

A style for every taste.

ZEISS snow goggles collection

Our collection of ZEISS snow goggles features many different models in attractive colours for women, men and children, and are available with a wide variety of lenses for every need. All ZEISS goggles are in compliance with international standards

ZEISS snow goggles are improved by Performance ZEISS Ri-PelTM & hydrophobic water repellent and easy to clean coating, which guarantee you the highest performance.

ZEISS snow goggles collection offers a range of different goggles available in 3 designs, all produced in Italy:

Two lenses to create your own style and deal with any atmospheric conditions.
ZEISS snow goggles collection Interchangeable
Stylish look and in line with the most up to date fashion trends. Compatible with your prescription lenses.
ZEISS snow goggles collection Cylindrical
Safety and comfort developed for young riders. Compatible with your prescription lenses.
ZEISS snow goggles collection Junior
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    All ZEISS snow goggles styles are available only through optical retail.

A man jumps with a snowboard, wears a black ski helmet and ZEISS snow goggles with Interchargeable technology for protection

Effective UV protection

Even in extreme sunlight

The sunlight is significantly more intense in the mountains – and reflections, such as those caused by snow or icy surfaces, drastically increase this effect. Nowhere is the blinding effect of the sun or glare worse than here. The result: your eyes are exposed to significantly more solar UV-A and UV-B radiation than usual.

ZEISS snow goggles filter 100% of this radiation up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres, providing reliable protection for your eyes against the dangers and possible damage caused by sunlight. They also ensure ideal vision in all weather, especially when visibility is compromised. This provides added safety, even at high speeds or in unfamiliar terrain.

ZEISS solutions to protect your eyes

The collection includes a range of performance lenses for every weather situation

Dark tints and multilayer mirrors
ZEISS snow goggle: Interchangeable Total Black
Light contrast tints
ZEISS snow goggle: Interchangeable Total White Super Silver
High contrast patented tint
ZEISS SONAR serie: Interchangeable Black ML Red
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    All ZEISS snow goggles styles are available only through optical retail.

  • A woman wears a blue helmet with blue mirrored ZEISS ski goggles.
  • A woman wears a blue helmet and ZEISS ski goggles with transparent visor.
  • A woman wears a blue helmet with blue mirrored ZEISS ski goggles.
  • A woman wears a blue helmet and ZEISS ski goggles with transparent visor.


For a better reading of the slopes.

ZEISS SONAR* is an innovative tint from ZEISS Sunlens in Italy. It improves vision in all light conditions in the snow and enhances colours, brightness and contrast, even at high speed on the slopes. In other words, it makes skiing safer.

Unlike standard blue filters, the special spectral curve of ZEISS Sonar suppresses blue light but allows some to reach the eye – in the range between 380 and 500 nm. This allows you to recognize unevenness in the snow such as bumps and depressions. This makes skiing and snowboarding safer.

Furthermore, the snow goggles are available with ZEISS Sonar, and the models for men are available with polarizing filters. ZEISS POL snow goggles feature thermally shaped lenses with a red tint. They ensure:

  • Less glare caused by snow and ice
  • Optimum vision and wearing comfort
  • Better contrast and detailed vision
  • Protection against sunlight 
  • Added safety and even more fun for your favourite sport

* ZEISS Sonar Patent: PCT/EP2013/000138.

ZEISS SONAR collection

ZEISS SONAR serie: Interchangeable White ML Gold

Interchangeable White – ML Gold

ZEISS SONAR serie: Interchangeable White ML Blue

Interchangeable White – ML Blue

ZEISS SONAR serie: Interchangeable Black ML Red

Interchangeable Black – ML Red

A woman wears a blue helmet with blue mirrored ZEISS ski goggles.

Optimum fit, shock resistance.

Excellent comfort guaranteed.

ZEISS snow goggles feature visors made of durable polycarbonate with an additional hard protective coating. The easy-to-fit strap features a silicone lining, ensuring a better grip on the helmet. To guarantee good compatibility with most helmets, ZEISS snow goggles are equipped with a removable spoiler on the top of the frame.

Field of view of standard snow goggles
Field of view of ZEISS snow goggles
Comparison: field of view with standard snow goggles and field of view with ZEISS Snow Goggles

Large visors for supreme view.

For every wearer, in any weather.

Enjoy uncompromising excellence: ZEISS snow goggles visors guarantee great visibility and ensure that the wearer perceive obstacles when skiing or snowboarding – e.g. trees, changes in terrain, bumps or cliffs.

The ZEISS snow goggles interchangeable style incorporates a patented* design: the thin foam insert not only maximises wearability and comfort, but also drastically increases the visual field compared to classic goggles with thicker foam.

The ZEISS snow goggles cylindrical style provides a large screen for a maximum field of view during the ride.

*Patent: EP2965728A1

ZEISS Interchangeable: the models with interchangeable lenses

Portrait of skier snow man

Not just for after-ski: sunglass lenses or self-tinting lenses from ZEISS.

This fashionable accessory is an indispensable companion for ensuring superb visual clarity. It features 100% protection against UV rays and is available as a self-tinting version upon request. ZEISS sunglass lenses – the best choice for your sunglasses. No matter if you have a prescription or not: our comprehensive assortment offers everyone the perfect sunglass lens.

5 tips for purchasing and protecting Snow Goggles

  • A woman wears a white helmet and ZEISS ski goggles with a transparent visor.
    Tip 1

    When buying your snow goggles, pay attention to the size and the fit and make sure they provide you with comfortable vision. Take your time when selecting them. Test the fit and vision carefully and don't be shy – don't be afraid to say what you think. When buying goggles, it's best if you take along the helmet or glasses you wear when skiing or snowboarding. Not every pair of snow goggles is suitable for spectacle wearers – they may not be compatible with your helmet.

  • Tip 2

    Make sure the goggles afford you the best UV protection and the right tint for different weather and visibility.

  • A man wears a black helmet with blue mirrored ZEISS ski goggles, has skis over the right shoulder.
    Tip 3

    Snow goggles are expected to do a lot. In the sun they have to reduce bright light, whereas in diffuse light they have to increase contrasts and contours. Just one tint or mirror coating can't meet all these requirements, which is why snow goggles with interchangeable lenses are your best choice. Please consult your optician for more details.

  • Black helmet with red ZEISS snow goggles
    Tip 4

    Ask about the air circulation and anti-fog features of your new snow goggles.

  • ZEISS Snow Goggles
    Tip 5

    Be careful when cleaning your snow goggles! Never rub them with a cloth or glove if they're wet inside, because this can quickly destroy the anti-fog coating. Always shake out your goggles or, if the weather's warm, let them air-dry – just don't put them on the heater. Clean your ZEISS Snow Goggles with lukewarm water and a neutral soap. Make sure your goggles don't get wet inside during cleaning. Don't use organic solvents or wet wipes!

Let’s recap.

Don’t stop now.

Explore more ingredients to make your lenses unique.

Your ZEISS lenses will have full UV protection – but there’s so much more to choose from. Let’s help you to find glasses that are perfect for you.

Your eyes

Whether high, low or no prescription, everyone’s eyes need UV protection. That’s why we made it our standard. With ZEISS, you’re covered.

Your lifestyle

UV protection is great for everyone – especially those who love the outdoors. Let’s help you find the right lens type that suits you best – for optics tailored to your lifestyle

Your face & frame

ZEISS UVProtect is a material technology that protects your eyes – but we have other technologies to fine tune your vision to your chosen frame and your unique face.

Eye protection

UVProtect technology is built into all clear lenses by ZEISS. Why not add blue light protection if you're always on screens? Prescription sunnies or self-tinting lenses are also available in many great colours.

Thickness & weight

The material index impacts how thin and light your lenses are. Luckily all ZEISS lens indices come with UVProtect – because protection is as important as comfort.

Durability & care

In addition to ZEISS UVProtect, all DuraVision coatings reduce UV reflections from the backs of your lenses. Supercharge your lenses with additional features of your choice.

Any questions?

  • Many claim to have it – but it’s all about the nanometres. ZEISS clear organic lenses provide UV protection up to 400nm. That’s the same amount of protection provided by sunglasses and the standard recommended by the World Health Organisation.  

  • UV rays pose a major risk to long-term eye health. Its high energy can cause acute and chronic damage to the cellular tissues of the skin and eyes. Excessive UV exposure can cause your eyes to get sunburned – a condition called photokeratitis. It can also cause serious diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts – a frequent cause of blindness. Thankfully, ZEISS UVProtect in all ZEISS clear organic lenses provides sunglass-level UV protection for your eyes.

  • Your optician may be able to help you figure this out. State-of-the-art tools like the ZEISS VISULENS® 550 effectively measure the levels of UV protection in your lenses.

  • 1

    Based on a visual clarity simulation on a 50 mm diameter lens area for 1.60 index ZEISS ClearView FSV lenses compared to 1.60 ZEISS AS FSV lenses. Average of +5D, +3D, +1D, -1D, -3D, -5D, and -7D with and without a cylinder of -2D. Quantitative analyses by Technology & Innovation, Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, 2020.

  • 2

    Study participants were asked to rate how important different aspects (“price”, “to see clearly across the entire lens”, “easy to adapt to”, “comfortable vision across the entire lens”, “aesthetics”, “available coatings”, “matches the frame”) are for them, when choosing new spectacle lenses. Wearer trial comparing 1.60 ZEISS ClearView FSV and 1.60 ZEISS AS FSV in a laboratory setup and in everyday life. N=20 study participants. Technology & Innovation, Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, 2020.