Reticles for ZEISS Riflescopes

ZEISS sets the standards with more and more new reticles. You cannot have more precision.

  • The non-illuminated reticle classics are versatile and precise.
  • Illuminated reticles make a difference in difficult conditions. They make it easier to acquire a target, day or night.
  • The innovative ballistic reticles extend your hunting horizon.


  • Reticles

    Non-illuminated standard reticles

    Non-illuminated reticles really come into their own when light conditions are good. They can also be used as rangefinders.

    Non-illuminated reticles are also extremely useful when shooting for sport. If you hunt primarily in broad daylight or mild twilight, these classic, tried and tested reticles are a good option.

    Reticle 6


    The non-illuminated reticle 6 lies in the second image plane, remains constant while changing magnification and is universally useable: The reticle is always clearly visible when taking quick shots at low magnification, yet stays very fine and only covers the target minimally at higher magnifications.

    Reticle Z-Plex


    The equally fine Reticle Z-Plex also sits in the 2nd image plane. It therefore offers particularly precise aiming for long-range shooting in daylight. With the Z-Plex, the posts are in the shape of arrows pointing to the fine lines in the middle. This makes it possible to aim with great precision at particularly small targets.

  • Illuminated Reticles

    Illuminated reticles

    Depending on the brightness of the illuminated dot or cross, there are two fundamentally different types of illuminated reticle in the ZEISS riflescope range:

    • Illuminated reticles with a very bright illuminated dot for daylight and twilight use, as found in the Duralyt, Victory Varipoint and VICTORY HT models. These are perfect for taking quick aim at game on the move.
    • Illuminated reticles for twilight use, as found in the Classic and Victory FL models. The brightness of these illuminated reticles can be finely adjusted according to the light conditions. An illuminated dot or cross that is too bright would dazzle the target in deep twilight. For that reason you can adjust the brightness manually or automatically with the help of the riflescope to best suit the situation.

    Reticle 0


    This reticle is the "Varipoint", specially developed for use on driven hunts, with a dot in the 2nd image plane for daylight use, and with no other lines or reticle elements. This reticle gave its name to the legendary Carl Zeiss riflescope line, which is famous throughout the world. It draws your eye to the target intuitively, with no distractions and nothing to obscure the surrounding area. This means you can acquire your target at maximum speed. The diameter of the dot on all Victory Varipoint models at 100 m is exactly "22 cm divided by the magnification"; e.g., at 10 x magnification it is 2.2 cm / 100 m. An absolute classic for the 1.1-4x24 Victory VaripointiC driven hunt binoculars.

    Reticle 60


    The Reticle 60 is lighter and finer in looks than the similar Reticle 40. The posts only cover half­ the area, leaving double the amount of space between them. This makes it perfect for precision shooting with minimum coverage of the target game. At 12 x magnification and a target coverage of just 0.55 cm at 100 m you keep a good overview without losing sight of the finer details. The illuminated dot is very bright, and can therefore be used for daytime hunting. The dot can be finely adjusted, which makes it ideal for night-time hunting too. The reticle is either in the 1st or 2nd image plane, depending on the riflescope.

    Reticle 60 Varipoint


    In the Victory Varipoint riflescopes, the posts and lines are in the 1st reticle plane­, which gives a good idea of the distance. On the other hand, the illuminated dot, suitable for daylight use, is located in the 2nd image plane, which means it remains a constant size. This has the advantage of allowing you to estimate the distance without an enlarged illuminated dot covering too much of the target.

    Reticle 60 for CONQUEST DL


    The fine illuminated dot, suitable for daylight use, can be turned on as needed and has an impressively high light intensity. It can be dimmed precisely, making it suitable for all hunting situations. Its position between the two image planes ensures minimum covering of the target – at 12 x magnification just 0.8 cm is covered at 100 m.

    Reticle 43


    We can also offer an illuminated version of this classic reticle. At 12 x magnification the characteristic dots of the reticle are exactly 10 cm at 100 m apart. You can therefore calculate the distance to the target, as the angle between the points equals 1 milliradian = 10 cm / 100 m. Since all of the inner crosshairs and the dot are illuminated, you can use this to your advantage to estimate distances even in the deepest twilight.

    Reticle 54


    The new driven hunt Reticle 54 for the 1.1-4x24 VICTORY HT model is another specialist reticle from Carl Zeiss. This further development of the Reticle 0 is designed for rapid and secure aiming with minimum target coverage. Along with the fine horizontal hairs it also has a cross with an ultrafine illuminated dot. The horizontal line acts as a height corrector when swinging the gun and prevents the rifle from tilting. The cross makes it possible to take aim quickly and to acquire the target even without using the illuminated dot. You will see just how fine the illuminated dot on the new VICTORY HT models is when you view the minimal amount of target coverage: at 12 x magnification just 0.55 cm is covered at 100 m. This makes it the finest and brightest illuminated dot in the world, and a true benchmark.

  • Longrange Shooting Reticles

    Rapid-Z® ballistic reticle for long-range shooting

    The Rapid-Z® ballistic reticles, along with the ballistic information system (BIS®), supplied in the Victory RF binoculars and bullet drop compensator (ASV), are yet another innovative long-range shooting solution from Carl Zeiss: they compensate for bullet drop with extreme precision using the lines and holdovers in the reticle. The load determines the magnification you should choose, so the holdover points of the increasing reticle are at the correct distance from one another. In order to select the best magnification setting simply take a look at the ZEISS ballistics programme, which is based on around 1400 loads. The long-range expertise of Carl Zeiss makes even the furthest shots possible.


    The illuminated Rapid-Z®5 reticle has holdover lines and markings for shooting distances of up to 500 m. The first step is to zero your rifle to 100 m. Then, according to the load used, select the correct magnification, which you can use to take aim using the holdover lines or points. This enables you to achieve absolute precision at distances of 200, 300, 400 and 500 metres.

    The magnification determines the adjustment necessary for the bullet. In order to work out the necessary magnification the ZEISS ballistics programme, containing around 1400 loads, is available to download free of charge. Note: this adjustment is essential to ensure the holdover lines correspond with the bullet drop.

    The indexed holdover lines with wind marks are designed to help with compensating for wind drift. The entire target area of the crosshairs can be illuminated, which makes it easy to use, even in poor light conditions.


    The Rapid-Z®7 is the performance-enhanced version of the Rapid-Z®5, with holdover points of up to 700 m for maximum shooting distances. The reticle is available in an illuminated or non-illuminated version, with the specific Rapid-Z indexed holdover lines for distances of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and up to 700 m. The sighting-in distance for the Rapid-Z®7 is 200 m. Here, too, the adjustment of the reticle to the bullet is determined by the choice of magnification. In order to work out the necessary magnification the Carl Zeiss ballistics programme, containing around 1400 loads, is available to download free of charge.

    Note: this adjustment is essential to ensure the holdover lines correspond with the bullet drop.

    In addition, the length of the holdover lines can be used to estimate the strength of the side winds.

  • All Reticles

    All reticles

    Carl Zeiss stands for reticle innovation for all applications: Do you need a hunting all-rounder, a specialised reticle for driven hunts or a ballistic reticle? You will find the perfect reticle in our extensive range that will best meet your needs and application. But standards are not set in terms of reticle design alone. The illuminated dot technology of Carl Zeiss reticles is in a class of its own. The illuminated dots are bright like none others, sharply outlined and unrivalled in their fineness – for quick, accurate target acquisition and minimal target coverage. Go with Carl Zeiss and experience maximum precision in every type of application.

    Reticles Reticle 6 Reticle Z-Plex    
    Illuminated Reticles Reticle 0 Reticle 43 Reticle 60 Reticle 60 Varipoint
      Reticle 54      
    Longrange Shooting Reticles
    Rapid-Z® 5 Rapid-Z® 7    
  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

    • I would like to retrofit my riflescope with an illuminated reticle. Is that possible?

      The following riflescopes can be retrofitted with illuminated reticles:

      Name                           Order no.

      Victory V/VM models:

      Diavari 2.5-10x50 T*      521620, 521621, 521730, 521731

      Diavari 3-12x56 T*         521630, 521631, 521740, 521741

      Diavari 6-24x56 T*         521690, 521751

      Classic Models:

      Diavari 2.5-10x50 T*       521320, 521321

      Diavari 3-12x56 T*          521330, 521331

      The only types of reticle available are those supplied with the respective production series.

    • Can I retrofit an ASV into my riflescope?

      All current Victory and Classic riflescopes can be retrofitted with the ASV.

      The following older riflescope generations can also be retrofitted with ASV:


      Classic Z/ZM (Order no. 52 13 XX)

      Z/ZM (Order no. 52 12 XX)

      V/VM (Order no. 52 16 XX)

      Victory (Order no. 52 17 XX)

      Send your riflescope to our customer service team either directly or via your dealer. It is best to use our service form for this service-form.

    Did you get a satisfactory answer to your question? If not, our experts will be happy to help you further. Simply send us a question by e-mail. You can find many more questions and answers in the Service & Support section.

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