For optimum reliability and performance

Regular maintenance

The proper care

Do you take good care of your hardware and software?

Do you expect your measuring systems to provide precise results? Of course you do. But don't forget that both your hardware and software require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. That is why we have prepared a "good morning routine" for you. This checklist will help you give your systems the care they need. Can't do it all on your own? Don't want to? We'll show you how we can assist you with our maintenance services.

Good morning routine

Develop a routine in the measuring lab by regularly repeating the following steps. This way your system will run smoothly, longer and consistently delivers accurate measurement results.

Check the room temperature

The temperature in the measuring lab is normally 20°C. Deviations of ± 2°C are normally ok.

Clean measuring machine and accessories

Cleaning the stylus tips, workpieces, guideways, and workpiece fixtures is extremely important.

Check the filters

Inspect the filters for discoloration and contamination, clean them on a regular basis and replace them when needed.

Qualify the sensor

Use the calibrated reference sphere to qualify the reference sensor. The other sensors are all qualified as per the reference sensor.

Get coffee

Time for a pick-me-up. Unfortunately, we can't help you with the quality of the coffee.

Don't forget to back up the data

All of a sudden, all your data is gone along with all your hard work – sound familiar? That's why you should always save your data.

Log the data

Record everything you've done so that you can repeat measurements under the same conditions in the future.

How we can help you

ZEISS maintenance

We don't want you to have to do all the hardware and software maintenance by yourself. There are different ways our service team can help you. We offer maintenance not only for your measuring machines, but also your software.

For reliable CMMs

Measuring system maintenance

Don't have time to take care of your measuring machine, but still want it to work reliably and run smoothly? ZEISS Service gives you the option of regular machine maintenance to ensure that your machine remains reliable.

Regular maintenance has a lot of benefits:

  • Increased machine uptime
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Reduction in unscheduled repairs


ZEISS Service technicians


Our highly qualified employees in your area take care of your systems.

For up-to-date measuring software

ZEISS software maintenance agreement (SMA)

ZEISS software maintenance agreement (SMA)

With a ZEISS software maintenance agreement (SMA), you are always using the latest software version so that you benefit from compatibility with all new machine types, sensors and standards.

How you benefit:

  • Priority support from our software support team
  • Increased productivity thanks to shorter processing and preparation times for new parts
  • 24/7 access to the latest software releases on the ZEISS Metrology Portal as well as exclusive access to the license renewal module
  • Maximum planning certainty as concerns costs since there are no unexpected upgrade costs, such as for new CAD versions or changes to the operating system (WIN10).
  • Invitation to the ZEISS Digital Customer Days: talk with experts and access live online training courses, webinars and refresher courses